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Keepin’ it Real

I had a rotten, exhausting week this past week. And yes, it sucks to say it, but I GAINED a kilo. BUMMER! (2 weeks ago I had reached my 5% goal and was at 78.9kg, now I’m at 80.2) It’s alright though. I went to Sydney with a cold, on no sleep & with my … Continue reading


This is getting frustrating.

Yup, just as I suspected: up again this week!  What is with this pattern? Up 800g, drop 1kg, up 500g, drop 1kg….  Overall, my weight is still going down, yet it is so frustrating to see a gain every second week! What is going on?  Is it the exercise?  Am I gaining muscle in the … Continue reading


I’m not sure what happened… but I have a new page!

Hi! Just a quick post today (because I’m exhausted and want to play with my children before they go to sleep) to let you know: 1. I weighed in today! 2. It was weird because… 3. … apparently I had gained 800g! 4. And I’m like: ??????????? 5. But it’s ok. 6. I’m thinking it … Continue reading