This is getting frustrating.

Yup, just as I suspected: up again this week! 

What is with this pattern? Up 800g, drop 1kg, up 500g, drop 1kg…. 
Overall, my weight is still going down, yet it is so frustrating to see a gain every second week! What is going on? 
Is it the exercise? 
Am I gaining muscle in the legs from all the running?

I guess I need to change it up and try harder. No more key lime pie. One slice is enough this week! :)

I have just made a meal plan for this week too and am about to head out and get mountains of fruit and vegetables. I’m tired so this week I will be grateful for my planned meals and a well-stocked kitchen.

xx Natalie. 


4 thoughts on “This is getting frustrating.

  1. Baffling sometimes to work it out, hey. Have you been taking measurements also? Maybe this can help give some insight….

    But looks like overall your losses when you average them out are going in the right direction so well done!

    • Yeah, overall my weight is still going down… it’s just a little that there’s a slight gain every second week because it means it’s going down slower than before. Oh well. I’m sticking at it and trying to change things up to see more progress.

      I haven’t been taking my measurements. I always meant to but just never got around to it (something to do with not being able to find the tape measure! Ha!)… From the way my clothes are fitting, I am pretty sure I’ve lost a bit around the edges. Hopefully the scales will show me some good progress again soon.

  2. I had a few months like that and it is soooo frustrating!!! I agree with Chelsea though look at your measurments as during that time I lost about 20cm off my body!!!

    • Yes! I need to find that tape measure and start taking my measurements! I just never got around to it. I THINK my measurements are going down, based on the feel of my clothes… I’m just hoping the scale will tell me good things again soon! :)

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