Photo Journal

Before the Before:
These pictures were taken in 2008, before I became pregnant with baby #1!
I don’t know what I weighed then. I never felt the need to weigh myself at that point (I think you can see why!).

The Dreaded Before Photos:
These photos were taken after I had baby #2, October – December 2010.
I weighed around 86kg.
O.M.G !!!

January 2011:
I had just joined Weight Watchers at 84.7kg.

March 2011:

May 2011:

July 2011:


7 thoughts on “Photo Journal

  1. Oh Natalie,
    you can definitely tell you have lost weight you are looking great!! It’s scary looking at the before pic’s but it is nice to know how much weight you have lost!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. So glad you found my weight-loss site — go WW! I need to post the before photos too ;/ motivated by your success! <3 from USA

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