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So much to post, so little time…

So I’ve been wanting to post so, so often but I am having trouble getting anything up here lately. The thing is: I got an iPad. The plan was: to post to my blogs from anywhere, often. The problem is: My WordPress app has stopped allowing me to upload photos from either my iPad or … Continue reading

Excuses, excuses…

Don’t just hope for things to change, be the change. Stop making excuses. – Kelly Rogerson, Weight Watchers Success Story I read this quote on the Weight Watchers website while reading some success stories (You can find Kelly’s success story here). It really struck a chord with me. Something I’ve realised since I began losing … Continue reading

Post Run Awesomeness.

I am absolutely exhausted this week. We celebrated my son’s 2nd birthday on the weekend and after spending a day and night making his cake, and the following day partying, I am left searching for a catch-up sleep! It was all worth it, of course! After all, my boy is 2!! :) I weighed in … Continue reading