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After having my first child and gaining at least 10kg I became uncomfortable with the way I looked. I believed I was fat and constantly told my husband I wanted to eat healthier, exercise and lose weight! One day he forwarded me an article about a woman, Roni Noone, who had lost a large amount of weight after having her first child by changing her eating habits. I read the article and followed a link to the woman’s website, GreenLiteBites. I was immediately inspired by the way she approached eating and cooking and started to experiment with some of her recipes. I also began exercising and becoming more fit when suddenly…. SURPRISE! Baby number two began growing inside of me!

So my exploration of healthier living came to a halt. Now, one thing I find most difficult about being pregnant is eating. For the first few months I feel absolutely sick and can only manage to put certain things in my mouth. To make things even more complex, I have to eat constantly to stop myself from puking my guts up all day long. So pregnancy number two began with choc chip muffins… choc chip muffins…. and more choc chip muffins. The only things I could stomach! Following the period of constant nausea comes constant hunger and exhaustion. And what do I reach for when tired and starving? Sugary, fatty… well, pretty much anything fast I can get my hands on. So all in all, pregnancy led me to create eating habits that were certainly not beneficial for my body.

The Dreaded Muffin!

My love/hate relationship with muffins. They got me through the first half of my pregnancy = ♥, They helped me gain 20kg = :'(

Fast forward 9 months and baby number 2 arrives leaving me with an added 10kg to my

post-baby-number-1 weight, a whole 20kg heavier than my regular, healthy weight. Now what do you think I saw when looking in the mirror? Let me throw two of my most common words at you here – ‘FAT’ & ‘UGLY’…. And to think I thought I was fat & ugly after baby number 1! Now I was REALLY fat & ugly. My confidence diminished and I became depressed and saddened when looking at photos of myself or looking at myself in the mirror. I even became embarrassed showing my body in front of my husband.

This was so unlike me! This really was not me!

I knew I needed to make healthy eating choices and make exercise a regular part of my life yet I didn’t know where to begin or how to go about it. Like many people, I need structure and guidance in order to complete something properly without losing my way – or even to know just where to begin! Then I remembered the article my husband had forwarded me

after baby number one and started looking at GreenLiteBites once again which led me to Roni’s Weigh. It was here that I discovered a very important tool that Roni used to reach her goal weight and create a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family – Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers company logo

Image via Wikipedia

So I did a little research and decided Weight Watchers was the path I wanted to take to rediscover the person I always was and wanted to continue to be.

This blog, which I originally created as part of the Weight Watchers online program, is an account of the journey to my goal weight. It contains my original posts from the initial Weight Watchers blog which saw me lose the first 10kg (yes! I’m already half way there! 10.3kg gone!) and will also contain the story of the loss of the final 10kg.

The reasons for sharing my journey ‘blogstyle’?

1. I get to share a bit of myself with all of you (which is nice considering at this point in my life most of my time is spent with 2 children under 2 years old – they don’t really care for chit-chat about weight loss!)

2. If you all continue to read and comment I will feel supported and encouraged to reach my goal.
3. Having already lost 10kg I am ExCiTeD and EnThUsIaStIc about losing another 10 and this is a way to express my joy and enthusiasm for this journey to a healthier, happier me! :)


3 thoughts on “About LifeBeyondScones

    • Thanks Daisy!! :) It sucks when we lose sight of our beauty. It has never really happened to me before. I mean, there was a time when I didn’t really think I was beautiful but I didn’t really think I was ugly either. More than believing I’m beautiful again though, my life is just improving all round simply by putting more effort into creating healthy eating habits. It’s great!

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