Keepin’ it Real

I had a rotten, exhausting week this past week. And yes, it sucks to say it, but I GAINED a kilo. BUMMER! (2 weeks ago I had reached my 5% goal and was at 78.9kg, now I’m at 80.2)

It’s alright though. I went to Sydney with a cold, on no sleep & with my 6 week old baby. Being sick made things difficult and once I returned I had no good groceries in the house for the week.

I decided to choose my battles. I decided not to worry about eating within my ProPoints allowance for the week.

I’m ok with that.
I’m ok with having gained a kilo, given the week I had.
I know what I have to do to lose it again, and I know that making the choice to not stress about points over the week was better for my health and my sanity anyway.

And now it’s a new week! I have good food in the house! And I’m ready to dump that kilo again!

Current Weight: 80.2kg
Goal Weight: 65kg



2 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Real

  1. I’m writing you a comment because I just love the name of the Blog. As a man who buckled before the temptation of crumpets only yesterday evening, this title more than grabbed my attention. I shall try and come back and read more if I don’t lose your Blog address. Something I am very capable of. Hope to be here again

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