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I just want to eat like a normal human being!

Ok, things got bad. I’m sick. And I’m sick of feeling sick. I don’t know what to eat. I feel nauseous all day. I feel like I have a bag of salt in my mouth and I just want water… but the thought of drinking water makes me want to puke! Blurgh. I’ve been eating … Continue reading



Guys, it’s 2012! A new year! And, to tell you the truth, I think I’m feeling too ill to actually be excited about it or appreciate the new beginning that it is! Yeah, the morning-thatlastsallday-sickness has set in this week, just as I expected. It’s tough. I don’t want to eat because I feel ill … Continue reading


I gotta sinkin’ feelin’

I just cancelled my Weight Watchers online membership. What??!!!?? Yep. I know. I haven’t reached my goal yet. What am I doing? Well, the truth is I’m not going to reach my goal yet. Not yet. I’m pregnant!! Which is totally incredible and exciting!!!!! But canceling my Weight Watchers membership made the reality of future … Continue reading