Posted in June 2011

Get a load o’ ma size 12 jeans!

Get a load o’ ma size 12 jeans!

Today I’m joining with Diminishing Lucy‘s blog hop, Drab 2 Fab! Are you going from drab 2 fab today? Check out Diminishing Lucy to share and see who else is doin’ it (click the button)! There was a time when being a size 12 in a pair of jeans was definitely NOT a big deal. … Continue reading

Martian Fries.

  Well, technically they’re not fries. “Martian Fries” is the name my husband gave to my latest and greatest replacement for regular fries. They are briefly boiled green beans (fresh, not frozen)!  I eat them with burgers, steak, sandwiches… well, just about anything, really! I often also eat them as a simple snack. They are … Continue reading

I definitely won that wrestle.

Yesterday I challenged myself to go the entire day without touching that strawberry cake I had been wrestling with the day before. I just wanted to make sure I really was stronger than the cake and give myself a greater chance of getting a good result at weigh in this weekend. So there the cake … Continue reading