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Tuesday’s Top Tip: Turn The Music Up!

Today marks the start of a new theme for Tuesdays on LifeBeyondScones: Tuesday’s Top Tip! Since joining Weight Watchers, I have been grateful for any tips or ideas I have received from other Weight Watchers members or people undergoing a similar lifestyle change. So, Tuesdays will now be a day for me to share any … Continue reading


Oh my holy golden kiwis! (and) I can’t believe I just did that!

Have you ever tried gold kiwi fruit? It’s AMAZING!! It’s like regular, old kiwi fruit – without the sour tang & furry tongue! It’s sweet, smooth & dessert-y! In fact, this evening I cut one in two and scooped out spoonfuls and spoonfuls of its delicious flesh instead of eating ice-cream. It was divine! I … Continue reading