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A Chickpelicious Veggie Salad!

Another weigh in has been and gone and, happily, I was down 1.1kg. Not too shabby! I’ve discovered a delicious Roasted Vegetable & Chickpea Salad with Feta and have been making it at least once a week. It is SO good and is mostly made up of point free vegetables and salad so it goes … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Top Tip: Veg, veg, veg!

I love to keep my fridge stocked with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. This week I was having trouble eating well. I kept using lots of ProPoints on little things and eating bready/snacky/sugary stuff. It was difficult to make good choices until about half way through the week when I realized it was because … Continue reading

I definitely won that wrestle.

Yesterday I challenged myself to go the entire day without touching that strawberry cake I had been wrestling with the day before. I just wanted to make sure I really was stronger than the cake and give myself a greater chance of getting a good result at weigh in this weekend. So there the cake … Continue reading