Posted in July 2011

I think it’s gonna be a good one!

Hm, I have a good feeling about weigh-in tomorrow! Could it be that I’ve had a sneak-peak at the scales this week? YUP! I have. And I have liked what I’ve seen. :) Not that my sneak-peaks are ever anything to really depend on. Sometimes I have a sneak-peak and it is way off what … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Top Tip: Turn The Music Up!

Today marks the start of a new theme for Tuesdays on LifeBeyondScones: Tuesday’s Top Tip! Since joining Weight Watchers, I have been grateful for any tips or ideas I have received from other Weight Watchers members or people undergoing a similar lifestyle change. So, Tuesdays will now be a day for me to share any … Continue reading

Some days are up… some days are down.

Well, I have gained this week! Just as I had suspected (hey – you can’t eat 6 doughnuts in one day and expect to shed layers!). UP 400g. I am not at all concerned with this small gain. After all, it’s not every day you lose your grandmother. These past two weeks I have chosen … Continue reading