Posted in April 2011

Pounding the pavement this Easter!

Thanks to my adorable, loving husband I found myself sporting an awesome new pair of Puma running shoes this Easter! Yes! Just what I need! I had started the C25k training program a couple of months ago and had to stop after a week and a half thanks to dodgy knees, dodgy shoes and dodgy … Continue reading

When Will I Break This Habit?

How about now? How about today? Whenever I am unwell I have a tendency to eat very unhealthy food. It’s often because I do not have the energy to cook…. yet it is also that I really only feel like eating crappy food when I’m unwell. I don’t feel like my usual yoghurt and fruit … Continue reading

Still Moving Forward!

It has been aaaaages since a blog post from me. One reason being we moved house and did not have internet connected for quite some time. So how have things been going? Well, despite having fallen in love with running, I had to hang up my shoes for a while. My knees couldn’t take it. … Continue reading