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Tuesday’s Top Tip: Don’t buy what you don’t want to end up on your thighs…

This week, with all of my hunger and exhaustion, I am seeing more and more that I need to avoid buying those items that I would rather not eat too much of – doughnuts or chocolate or biscuits, for example. Some times I am good at having delicious biscuits in the cupboard and not eating … Continue reading


Tuesday’s Top Tip: Veg, veg, veg!

I love to keep my fridge stocked with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. This week I was having trouble eating well. I kept using lots of ProPoints on little things and eating bready/snacky/sugary stuff. It was difficult to make good choices until about half way through the week when I realized it was because … Continue reading


Tuesday’s Top Tip: Take to Tea!

Here’s something that has been helping me quite a bit lately: Drinking Tea! Tea drinking is not at all a new thing for me (I am quite partial to a nice cup of tea) but lately it has been a cure for boredom eating. If I need to put something in my mouth out of … Continue reading