Posted in September 2011

This evening’s fight against the bulging belly.

Today I’m sooo tired. I don’t even know why. Well, actually I do. I don’t go to bed early enough. I wake through the night to settle woken babies. I wake early in the morning and I don’t nap during the day. So this afternoon and evening is a fight. I want to eat. Not … Continue reading


Food that does the trick: Honey-Soy-Garlic Chicken

This week I have found greater enthusiasm for cooking again! The past couple of weeks saw me in a bit of a state. I just wasn’t seeing results. And seemed hungry and tired all the time. This week I am refreshed. Got some zing again! Ready to drop these last 5kg. One of my favourite … Continue reading


Yay! Yay! When can I do it again? / My first EVER 5K run!

I did it! My first ever 5K event. And I’m ready to do it again. It was such an interesting run I had on the weekend. I could say it was: FrUsTrAtInG AnnOyInG DiFFiCuLt HOT FrUsTrAtInG …. (had I said that one already?) And this is why: I arrived at the starting point for the … Continue reading