Weight Watchers: Round 2

Well, I’ve had baby number 3 and after about 2 weeks of stuffing myself with all the brie, salami & soft serve I possibly could, I’ve reactivated my Weight Watchers membership and am back to making smart, healthy choices for myself again.

And I needed it! I don’t think I can actually take any more brie and salami (soft serve is another story!).

Pregnancy does such strange things to my eating habits. Through out the whole 9 months there was only a period of a few weeks where I actually felt like eating good, healthy food. On this side of the pregnancy it’s so good to feel normal again! It’s so good to eat the fruit and vegetables that make me feel my best.

I’m part way through my third week since I reactivated my Weight Watchers membership. It took a little bit to get back into the swing of things. And as I’m breastfeeding and the little one is only 4 weeks old, for the first two weeks I did find it more difficult to eat within my daily allowance and not splash into my weekly spontaneity points. This week is much easier though and admittedly I am much better prepared with my cupboards and fridge stocked with the best options that I know work for me.

So my goal is to lose about 18kg in total.
Last year I lost 16kg before getting pregnant again, so I know I can get 18 off this time around and I’m looking forward to it.
My first goal is my 5% (79kg) and after only 2 weeks I’m almost there already.
I’m interested to see if the weight comes off slower or faster this time around.

Weight Watchers: Round 2 has begun!20121003-123000.jpg

Starting weight: 83.2kg
Overall goal weight: 65kg
Current weight: 80.8kg



8 thoughts on “Weight Watchers: Round 2

  1. Congrats on your bubba :) Nice to hear from you again. I’ve taken to snacking on green beans and have them in my head as ‘martian fries’ courtesy of you!

  2. Yay!! I love reading your blog entries!!!!! I”m sure the weight will come off much quicker with 3 little munchkins to run round after (dont know how ur doing it with 3…. 2 is chaos enough :) Will have to get my get running app started again (although maybe after winter ….)…. aim is to run the 10km in august next year, although may have to find a closer goal to motivate me….. I have faith in you, You go Gal!!!! xoxo

    • Oh I’d loooove to run 10km! I’m going to one day. I think I will get back into it with another 5km first though. I can’t wait to run again! I never thought I’d hear myself say that…. ever! ha ha! Well, so far it’s ok with 3 kids. Busy, for sure, but I’ve had my husband home up until this week. He’s just gone back to work so now I’m reeeallly getting to know what it’s like to have three at home on my own! I’m lucky that Emilia is a pretty good napper. :)

    • Thank you! Thank you! So far so good with the Weight Watchers. I read on your blog that you’re also getting back into weight loss mode. Good luck to you too! I’m sure you’ll do great!

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