Posted in May 2011

A Delicious Dinner & Dessert.

Last night I really felt like eating the pre-made Gnocchi that I had sitting in my fridge (You know the kind, all you have to do is throw it in the pot and it’s done!). Well, I had enough points left at the end of the day and decided to go for it. I didn’t … Continue reading

What I like about today’s lunch.

For lunch today I enjoyed this deliciously cooked lean rump steak with a side of asparagus spears, olive oil & a squeeze of lemon to dress. I just love a lunch like this! It is so simple and can easily be cooked while looking after the two little ones. It is warm and filling, which … Continue reading

75.8 – Celebration!

Just a quick one to CeLeBrAtE! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! HIP HIP!!!!! HOOOORAAAAYYY!!! I just weighed-in and have passed my mini goal of 10%. I am so happy – sitting here, rejoicing in my achievements, letting it sink in and savouring the moment. Yes! Life Beyond Scones! :)