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I am having the best lunch! I just felt like a sandwich with something on the side for dipping. This is what I did: The main event: Wholegrain English Muffin Sandwich One wholegrain english muffin Two light babybel cheeses (praise cheeses, ya’ll) Two slices of short cut, rindless bacon (any extra fat trimmed) Some bbq … Continue reading


Food that does the trick: Honey-Soy-Garlic Chicken

This week I have found greater enthusiasm for cooking again! The past couple of weeks saw me in a bit of a state. I just wasn’t seeing results. And seemed hungry and tired all the time. This week I am refreshed. Got some zing again! Ready to drop these last 5kg. One of my favourite … Continue reading


Oh my holy golden kiwis! (and) I can’t believe I just did that!

Have you ever tried gold kiwi fruit? It’s AMAZING!! It’s like regular, old kiwi fruit – without the sour tang & furry tongue! It’s sweet, smooth & dessert-y! In fact, this evening I cut one in two and scooped out spoonfuls and spoonfuls of its delicious flesh instead of eating ice-cream. It was divine! I … Continue reading