Posted in January 2011

Chips off the old block!

Well I must say, I am pretty pleased with myself this evening. I attended my niece’s 7th birthday party this afternoon. We were the first ones to arrive and, as you’d expect at a child’s birthday party, the only things set out to eat were potato chips, potato chips, lollies and…. potato chips. It did … Continue reading


HOOOOOO-RAY! My first goal of a 5% loss has been met! And I am very happy. Especially considering this past week I did allow myself to eat things which I would not consider conducive to weight loss (a chocolate croissant from McCafe, for example). I only had a loss of 800g this week which is … Continue reading

… Just Add Passion Fruit.

Friday, 14 January 2011 My Gosh! Passion fruit! Passion fruit! I am delighted by it! I have eaten passion fruit before, of course, but now it is adding flavour to so many things I’m eating.. and it’s delicious! I have been adding it to yoghurt, fruit salad, oatmeal/porridge and I even added some to a … Continue reading