I just want to eat like a normal human being!


Ok, things got bad. I’m sick. And I’m sick of feeling sick.

I don’t know what to eat. I feel nauseous all day. I feel like I have a bag of salt in my mouth and I just want water… but the thought of drinking water makes me want to puke!


I’ve been eating all sorts of crap. All the sorts of stuff that I spent the year cutting out or cutting down on. I ate KFC today for the first time in about 2 years. And guess what?

It’s the only thing that has taken away the nausea today.

It’s probably why all I ate for the first 4 months of my first pregnancy was KFC chicken fillets and mash. Yep. I guess it’s like hang over food (Not that I would really know. I think I’ve had one hang over in my life and everyone told me I needed greasy food).

What else have I eaten this week?
Let’s see…
Toasted cheese sandwiches
Crackers and cheese
Chocolates (these make me feel emotionally better more than anything else. Haha)
Grapes (woohoo! Something good!)
Cauliflower and cheese
Jelly Lollies
Toast with jam
Steak and steamed veg
Chicken and baked veg
Pancakes with strawberries (the strawberries were awesome!)
Peaches and pears in juice
Muesli bars
Muesli cookies
Nut bars

…. So you can see… things aren’t going well… It’s not all bad. But there’s definitely a lot of stuff in there that I don’t want to eat.

Things need to change. I’m not happy eating this way. My body feels gross. I have a feeling I’m going for my old remedies, the foods that used to make my upset tummy feel better. But really, my body is now so used to eating a healthier variety of food that it can’t tolerate all that crap that used to work for me (except for KFC’s chicken breast and mash, I guess. Hahahahahaha).

** News Flash ** : I just ate a bowl of steamed carrots and it was heavenly! That’s what my body wants! That’s what my body needs.

Ah, this is the way I need to go. Let me see if I can implement some changes this week. It’s really hard to know what is going to make me gag and what isn’t. But I will do my best to do better with my diet.

Wish me luck! Or send me blessings! What ever it is that you do, do it for me! Haha! I need to get over this nausea.

xx Nat.


3 thoughts on “I just want to eat like a normal human being!

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  2. Hope it passes quickly Nat. U know wat its like. Not knowing wat to eat. With Lillie I live on fresh made fruit salad at the start.

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