Just Don’t Eat Crap

If only it were that simple.

Actually it probably is.

I’ve been sort of stuck around the 5% mark for about three months – going up a kilo, down a kilo, up a kilo … and so on and so forth. Granted, it was Christmas and I relaxed for a few weeks during that time. But also, things get busy and things get tough and my weight loss comes to a stand still.

I really dislike not making progress.

I’ve decided to put more effort into this blog again. It seems to keep me motivated and helps keep my health a priority.

Sooooo, I had a goal to reach 77kg by the end of January. I’m currently 79.4kg. I’m not sure that I can get there. But here’s to trying!

xx Nat20130125-181002.jpg


6 thoughts on “Just Don’t Eat Crap

  1. Glad to see that you’re back!!! Was missing your blogs….. Yeah just dont eat crap is a good mantra but its just so easy to open the cupboard and grab something especially when we’re tired and running round after the kids… would love to say that i just don’t buy it but with husbands and kids its not always that simple…. I’m getting back on track too…. gotta fit into Jayne’s bridesmaid dress in april!!! Will be in Brissy from the 12th March….. maybe we can go for a run together???

    • O M G! Tell me about husbands and kids! The other day mine (husband, that is) brought me home Magnums to keep in the freezer and a frappuccino! He had good intentions but I could do without it at the moment. hehehehehe! It’s true, it’s so hard to eat well when you have little kids. The other day I didn’t get to eat until 11.30am after getting up at 6am. Of course I was starving by then and ate whatever I could get my hands on! I really need to try harder :/ .. but I’m hopeless when I’m tired…
      We should definitely go for a run when you’re in Bris Vegas!!! I better get started on C25K again. I wonder if I can still run! ???

      • I’m just hopeless when i know whats in the cupboard (especially if its an opened box of chocolate biscuits :)…. when i’m doing laps round the kitchen with baby in my arms and getting a meal ready i sneak a biscuit a little bit too often…… yeah i need to get back running, but in the snow and cold its not so much fun….. i’m planning on starting when i get to oz….. i saw this http://www.intrainingevents.com.au/default.asp?contentID=97 on the 24th march and am considering signing up just to get myself started (i probably wont be able to run the whole thing since i’ll only have 12 days before it but it’ll give me an idea of where i’m at)….. did u make ur january goal?

  2. Chocolate biscuits are the worst!! hehe… I can’t help grabbing the chocolate biscuits either. I’m doing much better lately, though. I didn’t make my goal for January. I knew it was a long shot. I’m working on it for February now. Thinking that since things have clicked a bit better now it’s probably achievable for this month. That run sounds like fun & a good idea! Maybe I should sign up for that too! I’m not sure I could be ready by then…. but I could always walk some of it if I have to. I wonder how to fit in time to train myself..??? Might have to do it at 5am :/. Running does not sound like much fun in the snow & cold. I used to go walking in the snow when I lived in the Catskills… but I couldn’t picture myself running in the sludge! ha ha!

    • Ok so decided to dive in and signed up for the run….. made my first weight goal that i made for myself and the reward was new running shoes so i better put them to good use…… and then i should be able to make my next goal and get myself some new fitness clothes…. thats the aim anyway…. Come and do it with me!!!! that would be fun and theres jumping castles and stuff for the kids too….

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