Guys, it’s 2012! A new year!

And, to tell you the truth, I think I’m feeling too ill to actually be excited about it or appreciate the new beginning that it is!

Yeah, the morning-thatlastsallday-sickness has set in this week, just as I expected. It’s tough. I don’t want to eat because I feel ill and yet I do want to eat because eating generally makes me feel better…. but I have no appetite. And when I finally get the courage to eat all I’m feeling like is bread-y foods or potato chips. I’ve always been this way with nausea – the things that calm my sicky tummy are generally bread or potatoes. Yeah, I pretty much just spent the whole of 2011 avoiding/replacing bread and potatoes.

Oh well. There’s one thing that I’m noticing during this morning-thatlastsallday-sickness this time around. And that’s an appreciation for what it means. I know that it will pass and that I’m feeling this way because I’m creating a little being. And not just any being … but my own child who (I know from previous experience) will bring me so much joy and an experience of love that I can’t get any place else.

Today I ate a bunch of junk (read half a twix, and a croissant) and my husband said “Wow. You really are pregnant. I haven’t seen you eat these things in so long!”

It’s true. I completely changed my diet this past year (ok, besides the donuts…). And I realized that it has not all gone to waste. I mean, I only ate half of that twix – and not because I was afraid to eat the whole thing – but because half a twix is plenty enough to satisfy me these days. That’s pretty awesome.

So, yes, I’m still petrified at the thought of gaining those 16kg back. But I’m a bit more at ease too. I know I just need to get through this first phase of sickness (which lasted ’til 18 weeks with my previous two pregnancies) and then it will be easier to control what I eat.

There’s no point in stressing over this. It’s likely that the stress will do more damage than the croissant anyway. I’ll be gaining weight for sure – I might as well enjoy my fuller figure again with the knowledge that it will be only temporary. :)

Enjoy your year! Eat well and be healthy!
xx Nat.



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