I gotta sinkin’ feelin’

I just cancelled my Weight Watchers online membership.



I know. I haven’t reached my goal yet. What am I doing?

Well, the truth is I’m not going to reach my goal yet. Not yet.

I’m pregnant!!


Which is totally incredible and exciting!!!!!

But canceling my Weight Watchers membership made the reality of future pregnancy weight gain set in.

I’m nervous. I don’t want to gain 15kg again.

I do know that gaining some weight during pregnancy is normal and healthy. But throughout my last pregnancy I created some awful eating habits and I’m afraid they will return when the exhaustion, nausea and cravings kick in.

So, I need to face this pregnancy head on. I need to make smart choices and keep my health a priority.

It’s about 35 weeks away but I WILL be rejoining Weight Watchers online after the birth of this (my 3rd!) baby. Weight to lose or not, having access to the Weight Watchers tools keeps me aware, and on top of, healthy eating & exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I guess if I do gain those 15kg again at least now I know exactly how to lose them. One darned kilo at a time! Haha.

I’ll still be blogging. But instead of blogging about losing weight, I’ll blog about the ways in which I’ll continue to make healthy choices during this pregnancy.

Yay! A baby!!! :)
xx Natalie.


4 thoughts on “I gotta sinkin’ feelin’

  1. Congrats!!!! Wow, ur gonna be a busy mother…. 3 kids very close in age…… don’t stress bout the weight, the most important thing is to have a healthy baby!!! and just think, at least u’ve lost all the weight that u did otherwise you would be even bigger…… enjoy ur pregnancy, i’m sure with 3 little monkeys running around it won’t take as long after….
    congrats again, awesome news!!!!!

    • Thanks, Nomes!!! I sure am gonna be busy! But I love that they will all be close in age and I’ll get to hang out with three little cuties! :) Are you having more yet??? ;) xxxx

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