A first

I had the most refreshing experience this week.

I walked into a cafe which happens to have a giant mirror for a wall, facing the entrance to the cafe and right next to the station where you collect your coffee. As I saw my reflection in the mirror, for the first time in a looooooong time, I didn’t see a ‘fat’ person.

So refreshing!

Up until this point, though I knew I had lost weight and was feeling better, each time I would catch a random glimpse of my reflection (as opposed to a purposeful look in the mirror with all the perfect poses to make me look slimmer), I would feel disappointed, thinking “oh man! I’m still ffffffat!”

This moment was so exciting for me that I actually texted people to tell them of my discovery! Haha!

Now, I’m not entirely sure if it was my body that had changed at all or of it was my sight. Maybe I was seeing myself with new eyes.

I know for a fact that my eyes play a huge role in whether I think I’m fat or not. In high school I believed I was the fattest of all my friends. Now, looking back, I realize my sight was clouded with thoughts and beliefs of myself that had accumulated throughout my childhood. I wasn’t seeing the truth. I was in no way the fattest of my friends. I wasn’t fat at all.

So this week things have changed for the good. I like weeks like this. :)

xx Natalie.


That’s me above, third from the left, 16 years old.


And this is me a few days ago.


5 thoughts on “A first

  1. Definitely I can relate also – you look fab btw (love the polka dots). I had some pics taken by a personal trainer (bra and gym leggings) and when she sent them to me I took about a week to want to open them. When I actually looked I couldn’t believe what I saw as opposed to what I thought I would see and I was really happy! It takes our brains a while to catch up, hey.

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