I Used To Be A Full Fat Snob


Yes, you read that correctly. I’m embarrassed to say… I only used to eat full fat dairy products and (now this is the real embarrassment) I actually looked down my nose at people who only ever consumed reduced fat products.

I don’t know why I thought I was better than the reduced-fat-milk-drinking members of society. Or why I thought full fat was superior to low fat. I guess full fat was what I was used to and, therefore, the only way to go. Also, perhaps the people that I saw drinking skinny milk and worrying about their fat intake were absolutely a healthy weight, if not skinny.


If only I knew then that four years down the track I would have 20 kilos to lose. Of course, drinking and eating full fat dairy products is not what caused me to gain the 20kg, but it is something that I chose to change looking down the barrel of a 20kg weight loss.

These days I only consume low fat dairy products (except for the odd occasion where I forget to ask for a skinny flat white). In fact, full fat milk now tastes and feels so heavy and fatty to me that I no longer enjoy it in the way that I used to. It’s another reminder to me (in a long list) that we are are creatures of habit and we like what we’re used to. And if I want to make a change for the good of my health, I can start by making that change a habit. Eventually, it will be what I’m used to.

I’m also happy to say I no longer judge a person on the kind of milk they drink!

xx Natalie.


3 thoughts on “I Used To Be A Full Fat Snob

  1. I was totally the same way. Now the thought of eating more than a few bites of a dish made with cream makes my stomach feel queasy. I love reduced fat sharp cheddar and now prefer light sour cream over full fat. Funny how your tastes change!

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