I am having the best lunch!

I just felt like a sandwich with something on the side for dipping.
This is what I did:

The main event:
Wholegrain English Muffin Sandwich

  • One wholegrain english muffin
  • Two light babybel cheeses (praise cheeses, ya’ll)
  • Two slices of short cut, rindless bacon (any extra fat trimmed)
  • Some bbq sauce (just a squirt!)

On the side –
My new favourite side dish:
Grilled Carrotsicum!

  • One carrot, cut into fingers
  • One red capsicum, cut into fingers
  • One tablespoon of honey mustard

I used my grill pan for this dish. Grill pans are excellent for cooking food while getting rid of the excess fat.


I cooked the Carrotsicum and bacon on the grill at the same time. Meanwhile, I prepared the cheese on the wholegrain muffin &  switched on my sandwich press for heating.

The result:


I am delighted when I break out of my comfort zone and remember to think outside the box when it comes to healthy food. Who needs fries (I mean, apart from my 2 year old son)?

Carrotsicum to the rescue!

xx Natalie.


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