Just when I’m ready to get things moving…

… something gets in my way!

I’m really disappointed today because I have gotten sick. Some kind of cold thing. It’s really quite strange. My glands are up, my head is stuffy and I’m exhausted. I was hoping to run this week. At least 4 times! And do other forms of exercise on the remaining days of the week. Now I am stuck here resting, looking at the mess getting messier, watching the piles of laundry piling higher… It’s not much fun. And it is something really difficult for me. To sit and do nothing when I know there are things that are my responsibility that need taking care of.

I need to remember to take care of myself too.

One way I did that today was to satisfy my craving for fresh pineapple. It has come out of nowhere! I’ve never really been a pineapple eater – I could take it or leave it. But over the past week or two I have been absolutely craving the stuff! And it’s delicious!

Thank God it’s fruit!
….. And not doughnuts :)

And now I shall continue to lie here, resting my body & getting well so that I can get back to the exercising and the focused, healthy eating.

xx Natalie.



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