So where have I been all this time, anyways?

That’s the truth.
I’ve just been preoccupied with various other projects.
Auditions, parties, weddings, illness, children, life….

Want the updates?

I made it.
To a healthy weight according to my BMI.

I made it.
To the 60s (got down to 69.1kg).

I made it.
My youngest son’s first birthday cake!

Now, the work continues. I still need to get to 65kg. I still need to lose 4kg. Aaaah, and these last 5kg have been the most difficult so far.

I have been side-tracked lately. Too much take away. Too much chocolate. Not enough running. What’s important is that I see why. And I know it’s temporary, not permanent.

Sorry for my absence. This is the first of my regular blog posts again. You do want to see me lose the last 4kg, don’t you?? hehehehe…!

Next goal: 68.9kg

xx Natalie.

P.s. Sorry about that last post. My 2 year old son has inherited my old iPhone which still has working wifi. He decided to post on the blog. I didn’t find it til later! Haha!



4 thoughts on “So where have I been all this time, anyways?

  1. Wow, congrats. SUCH a big deal! What are you going to do to reward yourself on such an awesome effort?

    PS – the cake looks scrummy

    • Hi Chelsea!

      I was sooo busy I didn’t even think about rewarding myself! haha! I think now would be a good time to think of something ;). The cake was yummy! And I’m getting better at the decorating, too!

  2. Wow awesome cake!!! Keep on going, you’ll get there…. sometimes life just has to take priority or you’ll go crazy…… I made it back to pre-pregnancy weight (going back to work helped) and now ready to tackle a 2nd pregnancy in the not-too-distant future…. ouf….. looking forward to seeing you succeed!!!!!!!! You better plan a BIG reward!!!!

    • hahahaha!! What kind of big reward!??? Maybe a holiday… in Canada!!! Ha ha ha ha!

      Good on YOU for making it to pre-pregnancy weight! That’s awesome!!! And happy baby-making!!! ;)


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