Yay! Yay! When can I do it again? / My first EVER 5K run!

I did it!

My first ever 5K event.
And I’m ready to do it again.

It was such an interesting run I had on the weekend.
I could say it was:

FrUsTrAtInG …. (had I said that one already?)

And this is why:
I arrived at the starting point for the Bridge to Brisbane 5K at about 5 minutes before the race would begin. It took us a bit longer to get there, trying to figure out how to navigate around all of the road closures for the Fun Run. I thought I was actually going to miss the whole thing, so having five minutes to spare really made me happy. BUT…
There were at least 10,000 (ten thousand) people running the 5K that day and they were already in their colour-coded time sections. There was no way I could push myself past all of the pink walkers to get to my aqua jogging group. And on top of that I had to do a gigantic wee. I knew I couldn’t run with a full bladder so I decided to go to the bathroom first.. which took me about 20 minutes with thanks to the other hundreds of people who also couldn’t run with a full bladder! ha!

Starting late would not matter time wise. My timing chip wouldn’t begin doin’ it’s thang until I passed under the starting arch way. It did mean that I missed the exciting count down to begin running and the momentum that starting with the rest of the running group would provide.

So after my 20 minute wee, I went to the gate…. STILL there were hundreds of people queued up to begin their walk/run. I made my way to the front, began to jog under the arch way and…..


haha! :)
Too many PINK WALKERS!!!
I couldn’t move. I couldn’t jog my way around the groups of walking people!
I was so frustrated!!!

I followed some other joggers up onto sidewalks, over gutters and made a bee-line every time I saw another jogger cutting through, to make good use of the space they had created. Boy, was it difficult. More than anything, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get an accurate idea of how fast I can run 5K, because I basically spent most of my time running across the road to dodge the walkers instead of along the road. At times I even had to stop running because there was simply no way around the pinkies.

Looking back, I can see that I did have fun dodging walkers. It kept me busy. Kept my mind engaged, always looking for a path to cut through. So I guess it wasn’t all bad. It felt difficult at the time, but I now see that I had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to do it again!

And can I just say that Brisbane is hot?
Brisbane is hot.

And I didn’t wear a hat.

I felt like such a pro at the water stations. Taking my water and tossing my cup away as I kept moving. So much fun!

I made it to the finish line in 33 minutes and 35 seconds. And I’m really pleased with that, despite the fact that I couldn’t run the whole way. It’s amazing to think that when I started running with the c25k training app, I could barely run for 90 seconds at a time. Now look how far I’ve come!

My boys and Hubsband came to meet me at the finish line. They arrived just after I ran through the finishing arch. I was so glad to have them there. My hope is that one day my boys will run with me. My sister (pictured with me, three pictures above) walked in the 10K. She started and finished much earlier than I did and I appreciated that she waited around to congratulate me at the end!

I’m so looking forward to my next run/race! I don’t know when that will be, hopefully soon. I have a feeling running in real events is going to become quite addictive. I already feel this niggling need to look for another one to register for.

Next year I plan to run the full 10K!
I did it!
xx Nat.


8 thoughts on “Yay! Yay! When can I do it again? / My first EVER 5K run!

  1. You’ve got the BUG too!! Woo hoo. Congrats, great time and even better considering all your intricate weaving through th crowds. We always try to get public transport into events so we don’t have to stress about parking and traffic which can always be an unknown. And I’ve learnt the hard way that a trip to the ladies takes around 30 minutes!! So pleased for you, it’s awesome on event day with the atmosphere and feeling “part” of such a great thing with everyone out and exercising.

    • Thank yooouu!! Yes, it was VERY warm up here in Bris Vegas. And it’s only just the beginning of Spring! I’m starting to wonder if it will ever be cool enough to go for a run during Summer…. Uh-Oh! :S. Hopefully I’ll manage somehow. :)

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