So much to post, so little time…

My Bridge to Brisbane number and Race Guide!

So I’ve been wanting to post so, so often but I am having trouble getting anything up here lately.

The thing is: I got an iPad.
The plan was: to post to my blogs from anywhere, often.
The problem is: My WordPress app has stopped allowing me to upload photos from either my iPad or my iPhone.
So I’m: Frustrated! I don’t want to post without pictures. I love pictures! And the blogs I like to read have beautiful pictures.
And it: Hasn’t been easy, time wise, to get onto our main computer in the home to update my blogs with pictures.

So, so, soooo….
I will try and sort out the issue with my app and hopefully get back to posting more regularly.

Some highlights from this week:

  • I tried on a size 12 figure hugging dress the other day, expecting it to not do up and it actually did do up!
  • My weekly challenge is going nowhere. I haven’t been able to keep track of the excuses I have been making. I will have to try this one again. I can say that being aware of the excuses I make has led me to make less. Which I think is a good thing.
  • Weigh-in is tomorrow so I don’t know how I have gone ‘officially’ this week, but the sneak peaks are telling me I haven’t lost a thing! This is quite annoying!
  • I received my racing number and timing chip for Bridge to Brisbane this week!!! I am so excited! Bridge to Brisbane is only a week away!!! :)
  • I have been running about 5k, three times a week. I can’t believe it used to be difficult for me to run for 60 seconds and now I can run for 30 minutes straight. So awesome!

More news tomorrow after weigh in. Please, please, pleeeeeaaaaase be good news!
xx Natalie.

My Timing Chip. This will be tied to my shoe lace!


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