Excuses, excuses…

Don’t just hope for things to change, be the change.
Stop making excuses.

– Kelly Rogerson, Weight Watchers Success Story

I read this quote on the Weight Watchers website while reading some success stories (You can find Kelly’s success story here). It really struck a chord with me. Something I’ve realised since I began losing weight and getting fit is that I am in control of everything I do. My health is my choice. What I eat is my choice.

How often do I make excuses to eat poorly?
I am curious to find out.
So this week I will challenge myself to take note of aaaaaall of the excuses I use to do or not do things that may have a negative impact on my health. And then I’m going to post them here, so I become accountable for all of those excuses.

Do you make excuses? What are some of your favourites?
I’m sure we’ll see a few “I’m too tired”s, “I’m too hungry”s, “I don’t have time”s on my list this week!

xx Natalie.

This is me, tired, waiting for the kids to finish scribbling all over the fridge with a whiteboard marker... You can read more about what they were doing on my other blog, Sing the Heart.


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