Tuesday’s Top Tip: Mmmmmmmmilk!

Milk here, milk there… It all ads up, doesn’t it?
A splash in some tea, perhaps in some coffee too… and maybe just a bit on that cereal!

I don’t always have milk in my tea and coffee – sometimes I feel like it and sometimes I don’t – which means all together I don’t really drink much milk**! But when I do, I do like to limit the amount I use each day. Generally it’s one milk-based coffee (like a cappuccino) plus a quarter of a cup of milk for random tea or coffee throughout the day.

To keep tabs on my 1/4 cup of milk each day I have been setting aside a small measuring cup, a quarter filled, and only taking my milk from that cup through out the day. I love doing this! I can see exactly how much milk I am using for myself every day and I can rest assured I haven’t added one too many “just-a-splash”es to my beverages!

Not sure how much mmmmmilk you’re taking each day? It’s fun to measure it out to see just how much you really use!

xx Natalie.

** At the moment I use reduced fat milk for everything (except for when I forget to order my coffee skinny at the cafe!) but this hasn’t always been the case. I used to be a full fat snob, priding myself on drinking full fat, extra creamy milk (that was before I got fat!) and, embarrassingly enough, I thought I was better than the people who drank the skim or low fat stuff! ….. More on that in another post, later.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip: Mmmmmmmmilk!

  1. Good way to also help keep track to make sure we DO get enough calcium. If I don’t have cereal of a morning I can be a culprit

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