How enticing!

I love this man!

My Hubsband – enticing me with his short-cut pastry cookie drizzled with dark chocolate ganache!

But boy, oh, boy (!) has it been hard not to succumb to eating his little desserts and snacks this week. Somehow, almost all of my will-power has jumped out the window!
I put it down to being very tired. I’m not getting much sleep AND I’ve been running almost 5k, three times a week.

This week Hubsband started by baking a pecan pie!
It was so delicious and it was really difficult not to eat it… and eat it… and eat it!

Then he made these little cookies out of the left-over short crust pastry and drizzled them with his current most favourite thing to whip up: Dark Chocolate Ganache!

Those things in the front of the photo are little ‘cups’ he made out of the pastry, which he then filled (yes, filled!) with his ganache!
And I ate one! It was sooooo delicious! :)

Tonight he is continuing his baking with a Key Lime Pie. I love Key Lime Pie! Guess I’ll be eating into my activity points this week :).

By the way, speaking of activity points. I was having serious hunger issues the past 2 weeks and couldn’t figure out why for the life of me.. for about a day. Then it hit me! I have been running more than I ever had up until now. I have been doing 3 X 30 minute sessions a week and it has been making me HUNGRY! So I have decided that from next week I’m going to switch to eating my activity points BEFORE my allowance points. It just seems more valid for me (in my head) to eat more because I have burned more … and helps remind me that I’m hungrier because I have been working hard.

Tomorrow is another weigh-in. Last week I didn’t write a post after weigh-in (busy week!) but I can quickly let you know now that it was a good one. I lost a kilo, taking me down to 70.5kg. I’ve had a sneak-peak this week and it looks like I’ll be having a gain tomorrow :(. Though, I’m noticing that I look a little slimmer and my new jeans are now falling down so… who knows what’s going on???
Anyway, we’ll find out in the morning!

Ok, I’m off to enjoy some boiled zucchini with a squirt of lemon and then to try that Key Lime Pie! Thanks, Cheeky Hubsband!!! :)

xx Natalie.


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