Yay! The Return of Post Run Awesomeness!

I went out for my run this afternoon. This time I was attempting c25k week 8, day 1, which consists of a 28 minute run!

I did it! I did it!

And not only did I do it, but I actually ran an extra 2 minutes which means I ran for 30 minutes all up! Woooooo!

When it came time to cool down I accidentally kept running. Then thought to myself, “Oh wait! She just told me to cool down! Why am I still running? Oh well! Might as well run for another 2 minutes!”… and I did!

I am so pleased.
It did get easier.
It really did!
And it will only get even easier from here. :)

Yay, yay, yay!
From happy, happy, happy me –
xx Natalie.



11 thoughts on “Yay! The Return of Post Run Awesomeness!

  1. it does get easier….. i find it almost better to run continously cause i get into a rhythm and am not always thinking bout when its time to walk….. relaxing day for me today before i do my 5km tomorrow morning, fingers crossed i run across the finish line….. keep up the good work, won’t be long til you’ll be running across the finish line too :)

      • I did it!!!!!!! 30mins37 seconds…. 67th out of 173 (including the boys)….. was a lot harder than i thought it would be, a few too many hills….. but i ran the whole way….. put my music on and made sure that i kept my normal pace so as not to tire myself out too quickly at the start….. looking forward to hearing how you do…. xoxo

    • For some reason I can’t reply below…
      Anyway, you did an AwEsOme job!!! Congratulations!!!
      30 minutes is a great time. I think I will definitely take longer than that.
      For the Bridge to Brisbane we aren’t allowed to listen to music (or have any headphones on) so that we can pay attention to the roads and the people etc. I’m a bit worried about that! I am so used to having the music to empower me. I am planning to do a test run without music before the event!
      SO GREAT that you ran the whole way!!!!
      I can’t wait to see how I go. Hope I manage ok! :)

  2. Awesome job Nat! It is the best feeling when you beat those barriers. I was reading about trying to beat self talk during the run and someone likened each little victory to an experience that goes into your “bank”. Then on tough days you can draw from it. I really like that analogy.

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