Aaah, Post Run Not-So-Awesomeness…

It is not easy to run 25 minutes straight when you are as unfit as I am!

Tonight I almost didn’t go for my run because I had just walked for 50 minutes pushing the boys in the pram. I decided to go anyway because I want to get 3 runs in this week and Bridge to Brisbane (my first ever 5k running event) is just over 4 weeks away!!! Plus, running feels good. I never regret going for a run once I’m done.

Do you remember my post on Post Run Awesomeness? Well, now that I’m running 25 minutes at a stretch with NO walking, the post run awesomeness is not-so-awesome! Haha! :) I’m now coming home exhausted. Stuffed. Pooped. Buggered. Red. Tired. Even more so than before! And not-so-smiley.

I am, however, still enjoying it. I do love feeling my legs ache and feeling tired. I still love getting out there and moving, feeling the wind in my hair. It’s just a little more difficult.

I find the first 10 minutes are a breeze and then I start to get tired. I find myself thinking “Whyyyyyy am I doing this?” It will get easier, right?

My next session will be a 28 minute run. I wonder how that will be. Will I be able to make those last 3 minutes?

Maybe… with a little help from Destiny’s Child :)

xx Natalie.







4 thoughts on “Aaah, Post Run Not-So-Awesomeness…

  1. So you live in Brisvegas!! It is so nice to have found another Aussie!! I’m doing a 5K run soon as part of the Melbourne Marathon festival and need to get more runs done outside of the gym! I think I need to just bit the bullet and get it done!!

    • Yeah, I’m an Aussie! It is harder to find Aussies with weight-loss blogs! Good luck with your 5K! When is it? I am trying to fit in as many runs as possible before the Brisbane one in September!

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