Tuesday’s Top Tip: Liven it up with some lemon!


Lemons are something I always have on hand. Always.
I happen to be someone who can happily eat a pile of steamed vegetables without any added flavour. Plain old veggies are fine with me! However, I know that some people can’t (or are not used to) eating veggies that way. And when I do feel like adding a little something to my veggies… I head straight for the lemons! Sometimes I add a bit of salt, or some olive oil (depending on how many points I want to spend) or some thyme.

Lemon is also great for sprucing up water (hot or cold), salad, chicken… well, anything! And the best part is that it is point free. And good for you!

And now for some updates. Sorry for not getting a post up sooner about this past Sunday’s weigh-in. I’ve been busy lately – but then, I seem to always be busy!

The good news is I was
DOWN 1kg!
Which means my current weight is
And my BMI is
25.4 which is still considered overweight (24.9 is considered a healthy weight – so I’m almost there!).
By now I have lost a total of 14kg!
I have 6kg to lose to reach my big goal!

I ran this evening. I completed Week 6 of c25k and I can’t believe I can actually run for 25 minutes straight. I am amazed at how well this c25k training has been working for me. Each time I think I won’t be able to manage the run … but I always do! I am exhausted tonight, though. So I will end this post here.

Have a great week!
xx Natalie.

P.S. Keep an eye out for a new page coming to the blog soon. It will be a photo journal (you know, the dreaded before photos!) and will show how far I have come in pictures.




4 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip: Liven it up with some lemon!

  1. Wow Nat!! Go you! That is some fantastic work you have done!! 14kg is amazing! I can’t wait to see the photos of your journey :o) Well done on the C25K, such a huge accomplishment! You inspire me to keep on keeping on xox

  2. congrats nat!!! i have managed the 25mins twice and actually finish up feeling good for a change (instead of wanting to vomit :)….. have to give an extra push this week though cause i run my 5km on the 14th august….. its a shame we dont live in the same country so we could do it together…… xoxo

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