I think it’s gonna be a good one!

Hm, I have a good feeling about weigh-in tomorrow!
Could it be that I’ve had a sneak-peak at the scales this week?
I have.
And I have liked what I’ve seen. :)
Not that my sneak-peaks are ever anything to really depend on. Sometimes I have a sneak-peak and it is way off what my actual result is on a Sunday. It just goes to show how much our weight fluctuates from day to day. I’m not sure if I believe in sneak-peaks or not. Sometimes I do have a little check of my weight during the week, and sometimes I don’t. What it is good for is keeping me on track during the week. But if I happen to weigh less at some point in the week leading up to a weigh-in and then actually weigh in at a higher weight I can get disappointed. It does make me try harder, though….. I think…. :)

I ran Week 6, Day 2 of c25k tonight. I ran hard and I ran fast. At least, it felt that way. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! :). I only managed to fit in two sessions of c25k because I had a mild case of the flu during the week (my boys had it bad, though. Poor babies. It’s so hard to see them unwell). I took my own advice and turned the music up REALLY loud. It was SO good. I think it was the combination of that and the fact that I went running just as it got dark that made me run hard. Man, it felt good!

The BEST song came on my iPhone while I was out there, too. It was ‘Dog Days Are Over’ which is a Florence And The Machine song however, I was listening to a version by Vicci Martinez. Awesome! Have a listen! It is so good to run to –

Here’s the one by Florence And The Machine:

And here’s the one by Vicci Martinez:

Ok, it’s time for bed now.
Let’s hope I wake up on the lighter side of the scales! Ha ha ha. :)
xx Natalie.


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