Tuesday’s Top Tip: Turn The Music Up!

Today marks the start of a new theme for Tuesdays on LifeBeyondScones:
Tuesday’s Top Tip!

Since joining Weight Watchers, I have been grateful for any tips or ideas I have received from other Weight Watchers members or people undergoing a similar lifestyle change. So, Tuesdays will now be a day for me to share any tips or insights I have for losing weight, exercising, using Weight Watchers or improving wellbeing, based on my own experience. I hope you find these tips useful. Please remember that these are tips you can try that work for me. Everyone is different and you may find some of these are not your cup of tea. Also, you may find that these tips inspire you to find things that work for you. You could take an idea from me and put your own spin on it!


So let’s get to it.

Turn the Music Up!
Yesterday I went out for my c25k session (week 6, day 1). I was feeling pretty tired during one of the longer stretches of running. My legs were a little heavy, even my shoulders were aching slightly. One of the benefits of using the c25k app for iPhone is that you can listen to your music while you exercise and are given reminders of when to run, when to walk, cool down etc. Now, I’m pretty sure everyone knows, or is aware of, the benefits of exercising to music. Whether it’s music to chill you out & keep you steady or music to drive you to the finish line. But have you ever thought about how the volume of the music might affect the way you workout?

I hadn’t!

So I was running & running, listening to my music, huffing and puffing, wondering how many more minutes I had to go and whether I had the energy to continue or not when I  suddenly realised that my music could be turned up a significant amount!! I pulled out my iPhone, turned up the volume and the affect was almost immediate!! I suddenly regained my energy & my enthusiasm. My legs were moving as if by the power of the music.

I realised the results of this were probably due to two reasons:
1. I could hear the music better & therefore become more engaged with it, pulling my focus away from the huffing and puffing and wondering how long I had left to run (I could hear every beat of the drums, every breath from the singer… Oh! I LOVE hearing all the layers in a piece of music!!)
2. The running became like dancing, as I moved to the music and belted at the top of my lungs “I CHIMED IN WITH A HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD O-OF….. CLOSING THE GOD. DAMN. DOOR…..” (Panic! at the disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies). It was really enjoyable (oh, how I do love to belt a good song at the top of my lungs!!! :))

I finished the run, happily – tired, of course, but grateful for finishing the workout while having fun and with greater energy!

Try it!
Try turning your music up! :)

xx Natalie.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip: Turn The Music Up!

  1. Look forward to the next ‘Top Tip’! On my longer runs I’ve found recently I’ve been getting a bit bored. So I’ve recently tried listening to my fave podcasts. If I restrict myself to listening to the podcasts on my run it’s extra inspiration to get out there to stay up to date and stay interested at the same time so I forget about my pain and how long is left to go!

  2. Hey! That’s a great idea! And, actually, that crossed my mind yesterday when I went out for a walk. I thought I could listen to podcasts while walking but I didn’t think of it for running! Maybe I’ll try it! :) How are you going?

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