Some days are up… some days are down.

Well, I have gained this week! Just as I had suspected (hey – you can’t eat 6 doughnuts in one day and expect to shed layers!).

UP 400g.

I am not at all concerned with this small gain. After all, it’s not every day you lose your grandmother. These past two weeks I have chosen comfort over discipline. I have been so tired and very sad. Some times 6 doughnuts will get you through a day when you are starving and have no time to eat. And because doughnuts can make you me feel good when you are I am mourning. A big reason for not being concerned about the consumption of many doughnuts is that I was aware of every one I put in my mouth. I knew the reason for eating it and I knew that I was doing it consciously. I OWN WHAT I EAT.

So I am back to 71.7kg this week.
And here are a few snaps of my current progress.

WARNING: Underwear!!

July 2011 - 71.7kg


July 2011 - 71.7kg

I’m off to a birthday party now. My plan is to fill up on fruit before I go so that I don’t get hungry and eat the party food (which is likely to be potato chips and lollies). I want to start this week right. I want to start this week on the right foot. Focused and ready.

Happy Weight Loss!!!
xx Natalie.


2 thoughts on “Some days are up… some days are down.

  1. Hi. I think you look good in the photos. Maybe you were a lot thinner before which is why you feel your size is ideal. It’s all a bit relative and depends sometimes. I’ve had two kids and my belly is way jellier than yours looks. It sticks out like I’m still preggers though the rest of me is much slimmer, but I am by no means at all toned. For me, I find pregnancy helped me embrace my body, warts and all, though I still have my moments. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with you, so to that end, keep up the good work with WW.

  2. Hi. Thanks for commenting! It’s true, I don’t look too bad in these pictures (I think I am good at taking photos of myself sometimes! ha ha ha :)) and I have already lost 14kg! So I am doing well. According to my BMI (body mass index) I am still slightly overweight. My goal is to lose about another 6kg. Ultimately, I want to be in healthy weight range! I’m glad to hear that pregnancy helped you to embrace your body. Again, thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it when people take the time to let me know they have read. :)

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