Oh my holy golden kiwis! (and) I can’t believe I just did that!


Have you ever tried gold kiwi fruit?
It’s like regular, old kiwi fruit – without the sour tang & furry tongue!
It’s sweet, smooth & dessert-y!
In fact, this evening I cut one in two and scooped out spoonfuls and spoonfuls of its delicious flesh instead of eating ice-cream. It was divine! I would even say BETTER than ice-cream. And no, I am not kidding!!!

Now to the business of c25k –
Today I went out for Week 5, Day 3. I was almost certain I wouldn’t complete this session on my first try. It is the first time that the program requires a long stretch of running (20 minutes) WITHOUT any walking intervals. HOLY CRAP!

And guess what?


It felt great! I was absolutely buggered at the end. But boy! Do my legs feel awesome! They have that lovely ‘I’ve-just-worked-out’ ache to them. Aaaah, it feels so good. In general I have been only going out for my run every second day because it is important to have a rest between sessions – still, today I really felt like heading out …. so I did. And I’m SO glad.

Thank God (and hubsband!!) for my awesome running shoes. The last time I attempted c25k I hurt my knees. Now I can run in comfort and free from pain. I highly recommend proper running shoes to anybody starting to run. They are definitely worth the dollars! This week I also invested in some workout/running tights/leggings (don’t laugh)! I was so tired of having to hold my pants up while running. It has made an enormous difference to have pants that stay up and don’t get in my way.

Wow, I can’t believe I can run for 20 minutes without stopping. I love c25k. I love exercise. I love running. :)

xx Natalie.

Heading out for a run!

Running Gear!

I love these shoes!


2 thoughts on “Oh my holy golden kiwis! (and) I can’t believe I just did that!

  1. Go NAT GO!!!!! Congrats on making the 20mins. Now I’ll have to go out and try it again minus the pram….. I’m off to buy new sports clothes today, i made it a goal that when i lost 2kgs i would be able to buy myself some new clothes and i did it….. keep up the good work!!!!

    • That’s great that you reached your goal! Proper exercise gear has really made a difference for me. Yes, you must try the 20 minutes without the pram!!! What’s your next goal??? ;) xxx

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