It’s been a long time, baby.


Sorry I have not updated in what feels like forever! My dear grandmother passed away last week and I have been busy with all sorts of things, including hosting guests, planning a funeral, hosting more guests and attending family gatherings. Oh! And let’s not forget mourning. I miss my grandmother!

First let me give you an update from last weigh-in:
DOWN 600g! WOOO! Which means I currently weigh 71.3kg giving me a total loss of 13.4kg.

I was sure I would have gained last week, seeing as though my grandmother’s death pretty much threw all tracking out the window for various reasons. So it was a lovely surprise to have seen a loss on the scales. This week I can almost guarantee I will have gained. I have not been tracking my food AgAiN! And I’ve been eating all things weight-gainy. :~/

I managed to get myself a week behind in c25k too. But started again this week at week 5 where I left off and coped well after a week’s break. :~)

This week:
As I said, I have barely been tracking what I eat. I am just not quite my self yet. But I am getting there. I ate 4 donuts today. Yep, 4 donuts. I’m also heading out for a run this afternoon, continuing c25k. Today I’ll need to run two stretches of 8 minutes! Can I do it? I have no idea, and I’m a little nervous.

Stay tuned for weigh-in this Sunday! I can only pray that I at least stay the same. Oh, and maybe I could be a bit more conscious of what I eat for the remainder of the week ;~)!

xx Natalie.

My shadow ran with me!

Back running after one week's break... I made it!


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