What? Oh. Ok.

Weigh-in today. And I got a bit of a surprise. I read the number on the scales and thought “Yes! I’m down again!”… I was quite pleased with myself, especially after not tracking for 2 days. And then I went to track my weight in Weight Watchers online. Ummmmm…. I’m up 200g? What? Then I realised that this whole week I was thinking I was the same weight as two weigh-ins ago – forgetting I had lost 700g last week! ha ha ha! Silly me. So I’ve gained. Oh well.

What have I learned?
1. It doesn’t pay to stop tracking what you eat for 2 days.

2. It doesn’t pay to stop tracking what you eat for 2 days.

3. It’s fine to not track what you eat for 1 day (to give yourself a little break).

4. It doesn’t pay to stop tracking what you eat for 2 days! :)

I have to say, I’ve been exhausted this week. And kept forgetting to eat breakfast (and, you know, lack of breakfast pretty much always ends up in a crap-eating frenzy). When will I learn? Even when I don’t feel all that hungry, I need to eat breakfast!

I got a hair cut today! I’m pretty sure a hair cut is as good as a loss on weigh-in day! ;)

xx Natalie.



8 thoughts on “What? Oh. Ok.

  1. Yep that hair is gorgeous and would make up for any gain on weigh in!!
    The good thing about this is knowing where things have gone slightly awry this week. You know that 1 day is good for a little break, but that 2 can be a tad too much. Doing great, I bet you get right back on track this week :o)

    • Thanks, Traci! Yeah, I’m hoping to get right back on track. Though my husband made little puff pastries full of caramel last night and left them on the bench for me when I woke up this morning! I LOVE caramel. I’m hoping this doesn’t spell disaster! hehehe! xox

  2. Love your new hair style Nat! Very swish! I’m back with WW as of today and my goals for this week are to lose 1kg, to do 4 circuits at the gym, to do zumba twice and to track my points every day! And I think I’m going to try some of your eggy mess too cos it sounds so yum and oh so easy. Keep it up Nat, you’re doing so well!

    • Hi Kasmina! So glad to hear you’re back at WW. I hope it all goes well for you this time. How was the first week back? Are you going to meetings or doing it online? Did you achieve your goals?! It’s great to know another Weight Watcher!!!

  3. I have not tracked for the last two days either and feel awful. I haven’t been too naughty but feel out of control. But a part of me thinks also that I can’t track forever… can I?! So it’s good to see how it goes I guess every so often.

    I have actually just got my hair cut too! It looks really similar to yours actually from the photo – a graduated bob that just skims my chin. I am having regrets though – even though my hair was relatively short to begin with, I feel naked!

    • Hi Sarah, sorry for the delay in reply. I must admit, the first time I went out for a run with my new hair my neck did feel rather bare!

      Nah, I don’t think we can track forever. At least, not on paper or a computer or phone. I’m already getting tired of it. I think eventually we will be more conscious of what we eat and keep track of it in the back of our mind.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

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