Post Run Awesomeness.

I am absolutely exhausted this week. We celebrated my son’s 2nd birthday on the weekend and after spending a day and night making his cake, and the following day partying, I am left searching for a catch-up sleep! It was all worth it, of course! After all, my boy is 2!! :)

I weighed in on party day – down 700g. So plodding along nicely. I did very well with my weekly challenge (no allowance points, no activity points) although I technically failed it because I didn’t track anything on Saturday (last day before weigh in). I was too busy trying to get my son’s birthday cake baked and decorated and just didn’t make the time to track. Oh well! I will give myself the same challenge for the remainder of this week.

I fought the exhaustion this afternoon and got out in my running gear anyway. I was a bit nervous at starting week 4 of C25K – it seemed to be a bit of a leap after week 3 – but mustered up the courage, carried my exhaustion outside, touched ‘GO’ on the app and started up the hill. I have never been more glad. It was delightful! And a refreshing start to the evening.

Surprisingly, I found it quite easy. I was expecting it to be so tough. I loved the 5 minute stretches of running. They seemed timeless… in a good way. Not “OMG! When is this going to END?!” but like I could go on running forever. I did take it a little easy thanks to feeling under the weather. I didn’t push myself to run hard or fast. And it was nice.

I was so excited when I finished! I came home to my husband and said “I did it! I did it!” and took some post-run happiness pictures (see below). I am so proud of myself. Not just for continuing C25K but for taking control of my life and my health, and living the way I want to live. I still have changes to make in other areas but for now I am so happy to have begun with my health and wellbeing. Yay, me!

Ok, another week ahead! Let’s do this thing!

Natalie xx.





11 thoughts on “Post Run Awesomeness.

  1. Love the title and your post run pic! Would love to see a pic of the cake too for your son’s birthday.

  2. Hi Nat, Daisy sent me over to say Hi “Hi!”. I have just started making changes to my lifestyle to get healthier and lighter, Daisy said you were doing well over here and I’m keen to follow for inspiration :) I hope one day I will be able to show some post run awesomeness! The thought of running right now scares the crap out of me.
    I will be posting my progress on a sunday, here was today’s post
    Traci aka Moodi Mumma

    • Hi Traci! Thanks for stopping by (Yay, Daisy! For sending you over :))! I’ll check out your Slimming Down Sunday post in a moment. I know what you mean about running scaring the crap out of you! I never thought I would be a runner, but C25K is really getting me into it. All the best in your quest to get healthier and lighter. I’m sure you’ll do great!
      xx Nat.

  3. Glad you’re loving the running…. did my week 5, run 3 today…. and before checking what it was i strapped in amélie to her pram… and oh shock/horror…. 20 minutes without stopping!!! ouf….. was the first run i couldn’t finish (managed 17mins…)… will try it again without the pram… enjoying ur blogs, keep up the good work!! its motivating to know that someone else is doing the same thing as me, started a diet this week so hopefully will follow in your footsteps…. xoxo

    • Hey Nomes! How’s it going? Did you do the 20 mins without the pram? I will be doing that session next. I do not know how I will complete it. But I managed the two 8 min runs today!! Completely surprised myself!! I thought there would be no way I could run 8 mins straight yet. But I did it!!!! How’s the diet? What sort of diet are you on? Thanks for reading the blog and leaving comments, its great to know you’re running as well. Keeps me motivated! xxx

      • no haven’t attempted the 20mins without the pram…. really need to get back into the running as i signed up for a 5km run on the 14th august!!!!. good on you for the 8 minute runs, i always am surprised when i make it…. went running a few days ago and for the first time i was quicker on the way back and went past my starting point…… i started the womens weekly 21 day wonder diet just to get me started on the right track… while i haven’t been able to follow it exactly i have managed to lose 2kg in 2 weeks which is great….. keep up the good work xoxo

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