Get a load o’ ma size 12 jeans!

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There was a time when being a size 12 in a pair of jeans was definitely NOT a big deal. It was actually mostly normal. I do remember a time when it was sort of a big deal, and that was in my teenage years when I crept up from a size 10 to 12. I was bigger! Now, it’s a big deal for the opposite reason – I’m smaller.

I’ve been tired of all my pants falling off of me lately. While it is a joy to see them fall off and know that it’s because I am more fit and healthy, it does get rather tedious yanking them up constantly. Simply walking through the shopping centre is a chore, always trying to keep my pants from landing ’round my ankles. And every time I bend down to pick up a dropped hurled stuffed toy or blanket or, God forbid, PSP the sight for onlookers is really not pleasant (can anyone say ‘COIN SLOT’?).

So, out of desperation I decided to get myself a new pair of jeans – some that actually stay up. My body is still changing, though, so the thought of spending lots of money on something that will, eventually, wind up falling down ’round my ankles is not all that enticing. That’s when I am ever-so-grateful for Kmart’s $10 jeans! $10 JEANS! Sure, they’re not the best quality (the first pair I bought broke on the first day I wore them) but they are just what a girl needs to go from drab 2 fab in a flash!

On my weight loss path, or any kind of journey of transformation, it’s important for me to be able to love and appreciate how far I’ve come. By stepping out of my daggy-ol’-falling-down maternity and “big-girl” clothes and stepping into something that fits and shows how far I’ve come, I become empowered to complete the task ahead of me. I see myself in these jeans and I know I can get to my goal!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my $10-more-than-halfway-to-my-goal Kmart Jeans!

xx Natalie.

Going from drab 2 fab in my jeans that fit!


Loving the coat hangers in the background...

Check 'em out! ...aaah, the jeans. Not the coat hangers! :)



10 thoughts on “Get a load o’ ma size 12 jeans!

  1. Well done Natalie you look fantastic.

    I agree, Kmart is great for in between clothes. I also hate spending money on clothes that you know will soon be too big.

    Found you through Drab 2 fab :)

  2. Love the jeans! Love the coathangers! Nice to find you via Drab to Fab and will enjoy a wee look round your blog now. I love a pair of size 12s… and I even wear a pair, but I’m sure that the sizing is wrong as eveything else is a 14… and the 12s are tight… but slowly, slowly…

  3. I did the same thing this weekend – went out and bought some new “transition” clothes – two tops at Myer for a total of $27 (saving $43!!) and a more expensive pair of jeans because it has been so hard to find a pair that fit! Loving wearing jeans that I don’t have to pull up and tops that I’m no longer swimming in, looking daggy.

    Found you through fab to fit

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