Martian Fries.

Cooking Away!



Well, technically they’re not fries. “Martian Fries” is the name my husband gave to my latest and greatest replacement for regular fries. They are briefly boiled green beans (fresh, not frozen)!  I eat them with burgers, steak, sandwiches… well, just about anything, really! I often also eat them as a simple snack. They are so fast and simple to prepare, too!


They are super-duper yummy with a sprinkle of salt. And they really give me the same crunch and delight as fries without all the grease. Martian Fries are really quite an awesome accompaniment to any meal!



In other news, I have set myself a challenge this week. The challenge is for me to eat within my designated number of daily ProPoints  and not use any of my 49 weekly allowance points nor any of my activity points (but I never use those anyway). The reason I set myself this challenge is because I think I can do better on this program. I remember when I first joined Weight Watchers I NEVER ate more than my allotted daily ProPoints. Nope! If anything, I had some left over at the end of the day. I also used to feel scared and a bit guilty if I did eat any of my allowance points so I was always cautious when using them. Anyway, after some time I became quite a bit comfortable with eating those allowance points. I would eat them willy nilly and it just became a given that I would eat slightly over my daily ProPoints every day. I know it’s fine to do this… after all, that’s what they’re for! But I need a bit of a boost now, a bit of a kickstart! I also found after giving myself the challenge not to touch that cake for one day last week that I enjoy a challenge! It is keeping me engaged and interested in the program. I am also curious to see what difference not eating my allowance points will make to my weight loss this week.

So there you have it!
Some Martian Fries and a Weekly Challange! :)

xx Natalie.

Martian Fries Good to Go!


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