I definitely won that wrestle.

Yesterday I challenged myself to go the entire day without touching that strawberry cake I had been wrestling with the day before. I just wanted to make sure I really was stronger than the cake and give myself a greater chance of getting a good result at weigh in this weekend. So there the cake sat, staring me in the face for the entire day.

And I never touched it.

I admit I did think about it once or twice. After all, wouldn’t it be a waste if the cake didn’t get eaten, went bad and had to be thrown away? What if I just had HALF a slice? That would be ok, right? Or should I just have a quick nibble at it before I go for my run because I’m hungry and I don’t want to pass out in my fancy sneakers on the street! ?

The answer to these questions through out the day was always ‘no’. And it wasn’t always ‘no’ because I wanted to succeed at my own challenge, nor because I knew eating lots of cake is not the healthiest fuel for my body. The answer was always ‘no’ because, believe it or not, I DIDN’T FEEL LIKE EATING CAKE!



There was cake on my bench and I didn’t feel like eating it?! What?

Yup! :)
I’m so pleeeaaaased! I’m pleased because it means these poor habits I created for myself over the past couple of years are fading. Thank heavens! In fact, the thought of eating the cake really turned me off. Challenge complete. Too easy! :)

I went for my C25K run at sunset. Gosh, it felt good! It was my last session for week 2 of the training. And I found myself delightfully surprised when I realized I was actually looking forward to the running segments of the training. The walking segment would be coming to an end and I actually felt excited to be able to run again! I’m not sure what the other folk on the street thought of me as I ran to the supermarket at the end of the training with a gigantic smile beaming from my beetroot red face! Ha!

And tonight another satisfying moment came at dinner when I sat down to a bowl of steamed vegetables with my husband’s home made salsa and a squeeze of lime juice. Deeeeelish! And completely point free. I love that I love vegetables. Plain, crunchy, healthy, delicious vegetable-y goodness.

….. Now, where’s that cake? It’s time for dessert …. ;) Just kidding!

xx Natalie.


5 thoughts on “I definitely won that wrestle.

  1. You go girl!!! Show that cake who’s boss….. I’m doing the C25K as well… I’m on my 4th week and while i can’t really say I’m enjoying the running I’m proud that i manage to follow the program and run….. this morning was hard, going from running 9min to 16min was a big jump but i survived…. ouf….. enjoying reading your stories… keep em up…. xoxo

  2. Oh WOW! YOU go, girl!! hehehehe :) That’s amazing! I’m about to start the 3 minute stretch of running and I’m scared…!! I’ll see how I go today. I might need to repeat week 2. I dunno. Thanks for reading. And commenting! xxxoooxoxoxxx

  3. you’ll make it…. its amazing how much further we can push ourselves past the point that we think we need to stop….. the first 3min isn’t so bad but the last 3min is harder, put on some good music and try to sing along (in your head at least)…. you can do it!!!!

    • Yeah! It was great! The second 3 minutes was harder, you were right. And I did have music on too! The best was when I was running and Beyonce/Destiny’s Child came on! It was Bootylicious, baby! And it made it so much easier to run! “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. My body’s too Bootylicious for ya, babe!” hahaha! So awesome to run to! :)

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