Step AWAY from the strawberry cake.

That’s right! We know you’re exhausted and you crave cake when you’re tired but that doesn’t mean you need to eat it until you fall asleep with it in your lap!

Haha! This didn’t actually happen. I’ve never fallen asleep while eating (ok, maybe when I was a baby!) and definitely not while eating cake. However, I’m in such a state this week that I fear I could eat cake until the cows come home. Especially today. It was such an unusual day for me in the eating department.

It all started with a lack of breakfast. I did the usual – got up, changed the kids’ nappies, fed the kids, clothed the kids etc., felt that I was hungry and ignored it because I didn’t know what to eat or what I felt like. And by this point I just wanted to get out of the house with the babies (I never last long indoors when I’m this tired. It’s somehow easier to handle 2 boys under 2 when they are safely and happily strapped into their pram seats, admiring the scenery and listening to me belt Maroon 5 songs at the top of my lungs). A short while later I realised I was actually starving and ate a sandwich and a mocha fusion (a crushed ice, milk and coffee drink) from Zarraffas but by this time it was already 10.30am (way beyond breakfast time) and I’d been up and at ’em since 6.30am after only 6 broken hours of sleep.

A lack of breakfast generally spells disaster for me. Just like in high school when I would fail to eat breakfast at home and end up eating a Snickers once I got to school (a great way to start the day! After all, Snickers really satisfies!). It usually means that I eat something big-ish between breakfast and lunch and then skip lunch, get really hungry in the afternoon and snack on rubbish until dinner.

Now it CAN work out ok if I remember to snack on lovely, fresh fruits and vegetables…. but today wasn’t one of those days. When I got hungry at around 1.30pm after getting the boys to nap I decided to bake a cake! Surprise, surprise! But it would take an hour to cook so in the mean time I found some BBQ flavored shapes in the cupboard. Usually they can happily stay in the cupboard for a long time without me eating them (fortunately for me they are not one of my highly craved foods…. unlike cake!) and ProPoints wise there is definitely no bang for your buck when it comes to eating them. But today I decided I WOULD eat some because I sort of felt like it. I was fully aware that they would cost lots of points (13 to be exact) and ate them consciously and somewhat cautiously, keeping a tally as I went so that I wouldn’t lose count.

An hour later and that cake smells SO GOOD! And I’m starving again!! Mmmmm, cake! :) Yeah, I ate a slice. Just one slice. And it was nice! But it was also a point-eater!

So to cut this very long story short, I wrestled with the cake on my kitchen bench for the rest of the afternoon (discovered I am indeed stronger than cake!), got to dinner time with almost no ProPoints left and had to eat a tiny bit into my allowance points for my dinner (thank God for Martian fries which I will post about at a later stage, so stay tuned!). Ah! I should have just had a good, healthy breakfast!

Oh! And don’t think I would let the day end without another piece of cake. Nuh-uh! I am now sitting down to a pre-sleepy-time slice of strawberry cake after a long, tiring, ProPoint ‘spending’ day. And you know what? I am ok with it. Sometimes this is going to happen. What’s important is that I ate the cake consciously. I ate it because I chose to. Because I enjoy cake! And sometimes i will want to eat it because i feel like it or because its someones birthday or even because I am super duper tired and didn’t start my day with a good breakfast at a good breakfast time.

Cake is delicious! I will never give up cake. That would be unrealistic. But I CAN step away after a slice… or two! :)

xx Natalie.




2 thoughts on “Step AWAY from the strawberry cake.

  1. Love the food photography. I started taking a few snaps of my meals back in Jan but have forgotten to do it. I must ressurect this habit as I think it makes me more conscious of what I’m eating and I make that little effort to do something a bit more “special”.

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