An Eggy Mess!

Yes, it’s a mess! It’s a yummy mess! It’s an EGGY MESS!

Sometimes I don’t have much time to eat.
Sometimes I spend all my time getting baby boys to sleep & eat.
And sometimes I have a bit of time to eat… but I can’t be sure of how much time so I need to find something fast!
And that’s when an Eggy Mess comes in handy!

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as many eggs as I do now. They are quick to cook, filling and relatively low in ProPoints. Plus you can do so much with them!

Today I bring you my Mushroom and Zucchini Eggy Mess:
First, I find what ever I can in the fridge to mess my eggs up with. Yesterday it just happened to be mushrooms and zucchinis – plus a couple of spring onions.
I chop my messing ingredients (in this case, the zucchini and mushrooms) and add them to my pan with a light spray of olive oil.

My messing ingredients - mushrooms & zucchini

I like to chop them a bit chunky. Somehow it just seems more filling that way and I like to have something to really bite into! I let them cook for a few minutes, until they soften a little. I add some cracked pepper and a touch of salt, plus any herbs I might have on hand. This time I had some basil but chose to add the basil fresh at a later stage.

Once the messing ingredients have cooked to my liking, I grab however many eggs I want to mess up and crack them into the pan, where ever they land.

Eggs in the pan!

Eggs in the pan again!

And now I get to make a mess!! I take a cooking utensil and ‘mess up’ the eggs with the messing ingredients in the pan.

Time to make a mess!

Messy, messy eggs...


I cook the eggs for as long as desired, depending on how hard or soft I want them. And that’s it! Done!

Being married to a Mexican means we almost always have tortillas on hand. Sometimes I eat the Eggy Mess as is, and sometimes I grab a wholemeal or hi fibre tortilla and wrap it up!

Egg and Tortilla with some fresh basil added.


Yum! With left over Eggy Mess on the side.

And there we have it! A quick, easy, filling, ProPoint friendly lunch!
Say YES! to Eggy Mess!

xx Natalie.


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