Ok, I just weighed in for this week. And I am not. happy. Jan.
I have only lost 200g. I know, I know… it’s better than staying the same like last week. But I was expecting so much more this week. And 200g is just. not. enough.

Not Happy Nattie :(

Can you tell I’m annoyed, disappointed, cranky, confused?
Yep. And I definitely avoided the burger-place-that-shall-remain-nameless this week.

I do have a bit of a theory, though.
I got about 3 hours sleep last night. I stayed up way too late and the babies got me up at 6 (one actually woke up just after 4am, but hubsband went to him and occupied him with the psp for a while. Yay for Dinosaur Train & Play Station!)… Anyway, when I get only 3 hours sleep I wake up very puffy. I have been up for 2 hours now and I can still feel my rings tightly wrapped around my fingers – I have finger suffocation! That’s how I know I’m puffier than usual. And I usually wear my rings a little loose because I hate that feeling of my fingers being tightly squished by them. So… perhaps, the puffiness is causing a higher read on the scales this morning…?

I even started running again this week!
What gives?

Ok, I have vented.
I will return later today with a more positive post. I just know it will be positive … all of this disappointment is only on the surface. I can feel it.

xx Natalie.


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