Weigh-in Woes?

Nah. Not so much. And it’s surprising!

I weighed in yesterday to discover that my weight hadn’t budged a bit. I remained exactly the same weight as i was last week. I am not entirely bummed about it (I have a cold at the moment, maybe I’m slightly foggy?) as I know last week was not my greatest for a number of reasons:

1. We failed to go grocery shopping last weekend which means my fridge was not freshly stocked with lovely, crunchy vegetables. I find what works for me for lunches and dinners is picking some lean meat and a variety of vegetables from the fridge and doing what I want with them. I love piling my plate with vegetables (of course, I try not to over eat despite the fact that they are vegetables). So when my fridge isn’t stocked up with an array of yummy veggies I just don’t know what to do these days! I’m sort of addicted to fresh steamed, boiled or stir fried vegetables!

2. The burger-place-that-shall-remain-nameless just got in a new small burger named the Chicken ‘n’ Cheese! I couldn’t resist. I had to try one of these babies. And I liked it. And just to be sure that I really liked it, I had one again the next day! *embarrassed* I am, however, pleased that I didn’t have fries (apart from the few I stole from – woops! I mean, shared with – the Poom Poom).

3. My babies caught a cold and when they have a cold they don’t sleep because they can’t breath through their little blocked noses. This also means that when they have a cold I also do not sleep. And when I am exhausted and tired I reach for foods of comfort. Bikkies, chocolate, the burger-place-that-shall-remain-nameless etc etc. You get the picture.

4. I caught the cold from my babies. Which means I also don’t feel up to cooking healthy food for myself.

5. For some reason these days I just can’t seem to fit in any exercise time. And I am bummed about that because I really want to get out and go running. I miss the C25k running program. :(

6. On the first day of last week I didn’t track a single thing. This is the first time I have not tracked a day of what I ate. I was still mindful of what I was eating and am not sure if I even exceeded my daily ProPoints allowance, so although I am not sure it had anything to do with my stagnant weigh-in, it still needs to be taken into consideration.

So my plan for this week is to go grocery shopping and stock my fridge properly, get well so I can get running again & avoid the burger-place-that-shall-remain-nameless. Next weigh-in I want to see another kilo gone!

xx Natalie.



3 thoughts on “Weigh-in Woes?

  1. Well done on not ordering fries, even if you pinched a few. The clever marketing of these places always means that I used to come away with a meal deal, it’s more economical of course! False economy I know.

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