(Wo)man in the mirror… (Progress Report)

This post is way over due – I have been meaning to get a progress report up for ages… but things have been very busy the past couple of weeks. The boys are sick and not sleeping well and there’s just always something to do. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time getting the blog to look the way I want it to (including creating the header image). In fact, I’m still trying. Also trying to get my other blog, Sing the Heart, up and running too.

Aaaanyway, take a look at this pic:

11.2kg gone!

This is a photo I took of myself yesterday.. and yes, I do take photos of myself aaallll the time. ha ha. :) I am surprised when I look at this photo. It’s amazing what a difference 11 kilos can make. I keep catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and stopping to do a double take – Is that me? It’s young me, but looking so much older (with the babies come the lines on the face…). It throws me a little to see a face looking back that I have not seen in a while. The face looks familiar, like me, and yet it feels like a stranger.

So I’m 11.2kg down, currently weighing 73.5kg and I have approximately 8.5kg left to lose. I am finding this weight-loss journey quite easy (hope I don’t shoot myself in the foot here!). And, I must confess, when I see overweight people walking around these days I say in my head “You don’t need to be overweight! Look! You just have to track what you eat! And choose the better option! It’s so easy!”…. And then I remember how I became overweight in the first place and the truth that it is not always so easy. Eating well can be time consuming. It takes effort and it takes the right mind set. It just so happens that at this point in my life I am ready to put in the effort required and am determined to see positive results. For these reasons I am experiencing it as easy.

Ooohh, I’m nervous now. I’m nervous that these last 8kg or so are not going to be easy at all. Actually, I had a bit of a worry a couple of weeks ago when I only lost a couple hundred grams for two weigh-ins straight!

What have I been doing wrong?
Why is this happening?
But I have been losing over a kilo each week!
Oh no! This is going to get hard!

My most recent weigh-in calmed my nerves, though, confirming that I had lost a whole kilo last week.


It gave me the boost I needed to chug on. And chug on I shall until I’m in that size 12 again!

xx Natalie.


5 thoughts on “(Wo)man in the mirror… (Progress Report)

  1. Hey, hey! Nice to read up on how you’ve been going. So impressed to see your progress and over 11 kilos gone! Well done. I wish I could say the same. I fell off the wagon and am back to where I started. But am back at it. I have gone back to meetings and not just online and after 1 WI lost 1.9 (thrilled!). My motivation is our trip to India and Nepal at the end of the year. It’s an active holiday so I NEED to be fit. I keep thinking about the amazing photos to be taken and how I want to look good in them! Whatever works, hey.
    PS – the photos of your food in your other blog entries have got my mouth watering!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for reading. It’s great to see you’re getting back into it. How do you find the meetings? I’ve only ever done weight watchers online so have always wondered! 1.9kg in one week is awesome! What a great start! A trip to India and Nepal is a great reason to get fit. I have been to India a number of times (love it!). Can’t wait to see your photos. Thanks again for reading!

      • I love reading so no need to thank me for it! The meeting I sometimes struggle with. I am introverted by nature so the buzzing environment and the “chats” with the people around me around certain topic the leader brings up always scared me a bit! But I can turn on the confidence as well so I just summon it inside me (even though it’s not natural to thrive in this sort of environment) before I get in there. I would love to go with a mate but I don’t know anyone in the area who would come. They are brilliant though to keep you on track. Keeping it at the forefront means you keep focusing so from that perspective it’s brilliant. Online sadly didn’t keep me honest but I think it’s a personal thing. You seem to be killing it!

      • Yeah I’m doing ok with the online program. So far, so good anyway! I’m glad the meetings are working for you. I think it would be great to have someone to go with. I have been trying to convince my sister to join Weight Watchers so that I have some company on the ‘journey’. I don’t know anybody else in my area doing it and I think it would be more fun and somehow easier with a buddy or a partner. We’ll see. Maybe I can find someone around here…. or eventually get my sister to cave :).

      • Oh and by ‘working for you’ I meant keeping you honest. I imagine I would struggle a bit at the meeting on my own as well. I’m a bit quiet in a group at first until I feel I know the people. But I’m confident too and can switch it on when I want. So I think I totally get what you mean!

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